Criminal Defense | Lafayette, IN

Being charged with a criminal offense or probation violation is a nightmare. You wonder whether you will be able to keep your job, take care of your children, or continue going to school. There can be serious consequences for future employment if your case is not handled correctly. Take your defense seriously.

The founders of this country and state gave considerable thought to how to protect citizens when they constructed the United States and Indiana Constitutions. Each week new law is handed down by judges and legislators and is interpreted by local judges and juries. Just because you may have made a mistake you feel badly about or been wrongfully accused does not mean you should give up. Contact us now so we can help.

Get your life back.

Judges are interested in what positive things you are doing to get your life back on track. They may check on you while your case is pending to see how you are doing. Just because you have be accused of a crime does not make you a bad person. Whether you are innocent or have just exercised poor judgment we will defend you vigorously and give you the advise you need to deal with your charges. Don't make a bad situation worse. Call us now.