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The testimonials from our clients below should not be interpreted as a guarantee or even a prediction of a result in your case. Each person’s case is different, the facts, law, and, with personal injury cases, insurance available, all vary. Indiana and Federal law changes weekly and different facts yield different results even when the same law is applied.


Hall-Justice Law Firm did a fantastic job with my case also my husband's. Mrs. Hall-Justice took the time to hear our side through. We always had great communication. I'm very pleased at the hard work Mrs. Hall-Justice did. I would recommend her to anyone!

        -Cheryl A.


The Hall-Justice Law Firm has made me very proud of the way I was represented. We couldn't have had a better attorney helping us with our case. In the future, if I ever have any legal problems at all, I will call Hall-Justice Law Firm.

        -Jimmy A.


I was wrong in what I did but the Hall-Justice Law Firm didn't look at me like a criminal. She was honest and kept me posted on everything. When I thought I was going to jail she fought hard to insure my freedom. I wouldn't change anything if I had to choose a lawyer again.

        -William F.

I was very nervous and upset about my case. Susannah told me what to expect and put me at ease. She got me a very good plea agreement for which I was very thankful and satisfied.

         -Beverly M.


I am very pleased with the treatment I received from Susannah Hall-Justice. She was very informitive and prompt in answering all my questions. Her staff is very courteous and easy to work with. Susannah treated me with respect and dignity and made a difficult situation easier to deal with.

        -David A.


Hall-Justice Law Firm was completely professional. Each of my questions was answered in terms I could understand, no legal jargon was used without explanation in layman's terms. I felt comfortable with her representation. The fees were very competitive and fair, no hidden or additional fees were ever charged. Thank you again for all of your help.

         -Robert M.

I very much appreciated the willingness to meet with me in the first few days following my getting in trouble. Susannah was extremely effective in calming my worry and reducing the alarm levels from very high  more moderate. Being called into court for probation review was a much better experience communication with the judge. To Susannah: thank you so much for your help and especially for being a listening ear during the most vulnerable days.

        -Pat H.

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