The testimonials from our clients below should not be interpreted as a guarantee or even a prediction of a result in your case. Each person’s case is different, the facts, law, and, with personal injury cases, insurance available, all vary. Indiana and Federal law changes weekly and different facts yield different results even when the same law is applied.


-I could not have found a better lawyer. They did a great job. I would use them again. They worked very hard on my case. -Stevie H.


-I feel that my case was difficult due to the emotional aspect of the death of my child and this attorney was with me every step of the process. I feel that my case had the best possible outcome considering my circumstances. I would like to also say that Ms. Hall-Justice made the whole thing easier by her approachability and personal service. I never felt as though I was being judged. She and her staff contributed to my sanity during my case. It was easy to trust Susannah during a difficult time and she never let me down.- Donna C.


-To the Hall-Justice Law Firm: You need to change nothing. Thanks for the compassion all members of your law firm showed me and when I was ready to give up you all kept me going. This firm fought har to get me compensated and I can't thank you all enough. I would'nt go to any other firm in the same situation. Thanks.-Billy B.


-I would recommend my family and friends to this law firm. They kept me up to date throughout my case. Anytime I called with questions they would give me answers.-Sheryl J.


-It took courage to accept this case. Your understanding and compassion in the loss of my cat was amazing and greatly appreciated.-Sanya D.  *Note, under Indiana Law currently the loss of a dear pet family member is still considered the loss of property, but laws change, especially if legislators hear from the people who vote!*


"My experience with Hall-Justice Law Firm was very successful for the second time now with my charges being dropped.  Hall-Justice Law Firm was on my side 100%!  I refer anyone I know with legal problems to Hall-Justice Law Firm.  Thank you for everything Susannah!" 


Case verdicts and settlements: The Indiana Supreme Court has decided that personal injury attorneys are not to display verdicts and settlement amounts on their websites. If you send us a signed written request with your name and address we are allowed to mail you some representative amounts we have obtained for clients but you must understand that the facts of each case are different, the law may be different, as it changes weekly, and that the insurance policy limits of the negligent party or parties can be different. Any of these factors can significantly affect how much we are able to obtain for you which is why you will have a better understanding of your case if you make an appointment.